Dongguan Walley Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a large CNC lathe processing factory, with a wide range of processing capacity, including CNC precision machining, CNC lathe processing, stamping forming, automatic lathe processing, etc.

Walley machinery technology is the leading large-scale CNC lathe processing factory in Dongguan Dalang. It has the basic requirements of large-scale CNC lathe processing factory in terms of scale and enterprise image. Its internal production capacity, processing range, quality management level and comprehensive ability of management and delivery are higher than other supply products in the industry. It has passed ISO9001 and iatf16 successively 949, ISO14001 quality system certification, mature quality management system and production operation management system to protect your products; comprehensive process design ability is also the most basic requirement of large CNC lathe manufacturers, such as ordinary turning and milling process, boring and milling process, welding technology, grinding process, polishing process are related production process equipment.

The lifting design of workshop layout is also planned to meet the needs of large-scale CNC lathe processing manufacturers. The large and heavy products also bring great trouble to the transportation and clamping process. In the process of processing, we should not only pay attention to product protection, size control, but also pay attention to production safety, so as to be a high-quality large-scale CNC lathe processing factory.

Wally machinery technology has increased the development of large-scale parts processing, making full use of the layout and production of large-scale parts, to be the leader of large-scale CNC lathe processing industry, and to lead the CNC large-scale parts processing industry. At the same time, the engineering team of Wally machinery technology is also constantly innovating the processing technology of large parts, so that the product quality is more stable, the efficiency is higher, and the production cost is further reduced.

Post time: Oct-12-2020